What are the timings for darshan at Salangpur Hanumanji Temple?

What are the timings for darshan at Salangpur Hanumanji Temple?

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Salangpur Hanumanji Temple is a popular Hindu temple located in the state of Gujarat, India. It is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, who is considered to be the god of strength and courage in Hindu mythology. The temple attracts a large number of devotees and tourists throughout the year, and is known for its spiritual significance and stunning architecture.

If you are planning to visit Salangpur Hanumanji Temple, it is important to know the darshan timings, or the hours during which the temple is open to visitors. The temple is open to visitors on all days of the week, and follows a strict schedule for darshan timings.

Here are the darshan timings for Salangpur Hanumanji Temple:

  1. Morning Darshan: The temple opens early in the morning, around 5:00 AM, for the first darshan of the day. This is known as the Mangla Aarti darshan, and is a special prayer and ritual performed by the temple priests. The Mangla Aarti darshan is a peaceful and serene time to visit the temple, as it is less crowded than other times of the day.
  2. Afternoon Darshan: After the Mangla Aarti darshan, the temple is open for visitors throughout the day until 12:00 PM. During this time, visitors can have darshan of the deity and offer their prayers and offerings. The afternoon darshan is a popular time to visit the temple, as many devotees and tourists come to the temple during this time.
  3. Evening Darshan: The temple reopens for evening darshan at 4:00 PM, and remains open until 8:30 PM. The evening darshan is a beautiful time to visit the temple, as the temple is lit up with lights and lamps, creating a magical atmosphere.

It is important to note that the darshan timings may vary on special occasions and festivals. During festivals, the temple may have extended hours for darshan and special events, which may attract larger crowds.

In addition to the darshan timings, visitors should also be aware of the temple’s rules and regulations. Visitors should dress modestly and respectfully, and should not bring any food or drinks inside the temple. Photography and videography is also prohibited inside the temple premises.

Overall, Salangpur Hanumanji Temple is a beautiful and spiritual place to visit in Gujarat. By knowing the darshan timings and following the temple’s rules and regulations, visitors can have a peaceful and fulfilling experience at the temple.

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