story of salangpur hanuman

story of salangpur hanuman

History of Srikashtabhanjan Dev Salangpur

Shri Hanumanji means Kashtabhanjan.. In every distressing situation remembering Shri Hanumanji only saves you from dire situation. On Hanuman Jayanthi, devotees visit various temples of Lord Hanuman to have special recitations and the precious gift of darshan. Let’s know about one such famous and auspicious temple.

This temple is considered to be very auspicious and miraculous for alleviating suffering among the devotees and for those who are suffering from ghosts or evil elements. It is said for this temple located at Salangpur village in Barwala taluka of Botad district that the ghost sufferers get relief from such pain if they visit Salangpur Hanumanji just once. Apart from this, mentally handicapped people and mentally retarded people also definitely take advantage of Hanuman ji’s darshan in this temple.

Especially on the day of Kali Chaudas, devotees throng Ghodapur to take the blessings of Hanumanji in this temple. It is believed that this temple is free from ghosts. When people who are afflicted with ghosts come to this temple, the premises of the temple start to shake and the idol of Hanuman runs away. Also, by inhaling the smoke in the temple and chanting the mantras in the temple, the ghosts are banished forever. runs away Salangpur temple is more than 150 years old and it was established as if to beat the hardships of devotees.

Let’s know the interesting history behind the statue of this temple
Santshri Swami Sahajananda of the Swaminarayan Sampradaya lived in Gadakhru. Swami Gopalananda of Vadtal, whom he appointed as the head of the Sampradaya, often used to rest in Salangpur while traveling from Vadtal to Gadda. Jiva Khachar, a devotee of Swaminarayan Darbar of Salangpur, always served the monks and worshiped them. In time, after Jiva Khachar, his son Wagha Khachar also continued to worship him. There is a folklore that 150 years ago there was a severe drught in Salangpur. Be it animals or humans – without water the condition of everyone becomes miserable. This drought seemed to engulf the whole of Salangpur.

At this time Wadha Khachar requested Sri Gopalananda Swami and said that Swami we have two types of times. One is that it has not rained for three years and the other is that these botads and grocery courts are rich and they keep the saints busy so that we do not get the benefit of satsang. Hearing this, Gopalanand became serious and said that the crowd will break up Hanumanji.

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Gopalananda Swami reached Salangpur where Wagha Khachar took him outside the village to Dhar where Swami saw the ancestors of Wagha Khachar who had attained virgati. In that Darbarshri showed a scroll and said that this is the scroll of our Ugabapu Khachar. Gopalananda Swami said that the dead body of Hanumanji is in the court? Wagha Khachar agreed and then the statue was brought to the fort and Swami made a picture of Hanumanji.
And called a Kanji Kadia and said that such a statue should be named after him in the world.

Swamiji then took the idol to Salangpur and on the 19th day of Aso Vad Pancham of Vikram Sawant 1905 (AD 1850), Yogiraj Gopalananda Swami invited many saints, Brahmins and Haribhaktas to Salangpur village. Shri Kastabhanjan Hanumanji Maharaj was installed in the grand mohatsava ceremony. Swami Gopalananda’s chief disciple Shukamuni performed the aarti. At the time of Aarti, S.G. Gopalananda Swami is standing in front of the idol with a stick leaning against his beard. He resolved that Hanumanji Maharaj should appear in this idol.

Then after the fifth stage of aarti the idol started moving. Gopal Swami requested Shri Hanumanji Maharaj to remove the sufferings of every human being at your feet, free the victims from all kinds and save them all. The idol was still shaking. So the devotees prayed to Swami that the greatness of Gardpurpati Sri Gopinathji Maharaj and Srimadanamohanji Maharaj of Dholera would be destroyed by Swami and stop the idol from shaking. Since then this idol started to relieve the sufferings of the devotees and the name of Hanuman of Salangpur became Kashtabhanjan.

The systematic construction of the temple started in a small space by the grace of Swamiji and started in Vikram Samvat 1956 (AD 1900). So that more and more devotees can take advantage of this temple, systematic construction started in 1956 AD has turned this temple into a huge temple today by 2011. So let’s know about the importance of this temple.

This temple has a 25 feet wide assembly hall. which is inlaid with marble stone. An idol of Hanumanji is installed in the room there. The doors of this room are silver. The idol is worshiped only by celibate Brahmins. Acharya or Kothari are not allowed in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. There is an open space around the temple. Darshan begins with the morning Mangala Aarti which remains open till twelve in the afternoon. Then the temple opens at 4 pm and closes after evening aarti.

People of all castes and religions come here to visit. Devotees from different parts of the country and from different states have their heart’s desire fulfilled here. It is said that even the devotees who are suffering from evil spirits or ghosts get rid of such darshan here. As soon as the ghostly person enters the temple premises, the temple starts shaking. As soon as he comes in front of the idol of the Lord and inhales the smoke of the incense and recites the mantras of Hanumanji, the ghost escapes.

Adjacent to the temple is the Dharamshala, which has 50 rooms. Devotees staying there are accommodated for free. Give whatever the devotees desire to God. There is a cowshed near the temple site. Temple arrangement- The committee has got 600 acres of land as reward. In which 200 acres are sown and grown from the temple. Swaminarayan temple is located near Salangpur Hanumanji temple. This temple is a temple of Akshar Purushottam Seva Sansthan. It has statues of Swami Sahajananda, Swami Yagya Purushdasji. There are the steps of Swami Sahajananda Swami and another temple is Radhakrishna’s temple. Thus the Salangpur Hanumanji temple has great importance.

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