sarangpur hanuman murti 54 feet

sarangpur hanuman murti 54 feet

sarangpur hanuman murti

sarangpur hanuman murti 54 feet

Sarangpur: A 54 ft high Hanuman murti in ‘Parakram posture’ will be installed at Kashtahanjan Dev Hanuman temple here on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti this year on April 8.

As many as 85 skillful workers from Jaipur-Makrana in Rajasthan are in process to make this murti for last one month. They are working round the clock.

The murti will have over 500 tonne weight. It is being made using black granite. At present, the head/face and gada parts are in making.

A huge piece of stone arrived today for shila pujan ceremony. This piece will be carved to make foot portion of morti.

Saints Vivek Sagar Swami and Shastri Hariprasad swami are supervising this initiative.


-Gada will be 24 ft tall, 13 ft wide

-Murti will be 24 ft wide

-A stone below the foot will be 210 tonne in weight

-Murti will be installed on the back side of Kashtabhanjan Hanuman mandir

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