sarangpur hanuman live

sarangpur hanuman live

sarangpur hanuman mandir live aarti

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Sarangpur Hanuman Temple, located in Gujarat, India, is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The temple is known for its unique deity of Hanuman, who is believed to possess divine powers and the ability to cure illnesses and ward off evil spirits. The temple is also famous for its daily live aarti, which is performed in the morning and evening.

The live aarti at Sarangpur Hanuman Temple is a religious ritual that involves the worship of Lord Hanuman. The aarti is performed by the temple priests in front of the deity, who is adorned with flowers and garlands. The aarti is accompanied by the chanting of mantras and the ringing of bells, which creates a serene and spiritual atmosphere.

The live aarti at Sarangpur Hanuman Temple begins with the lighting of oil lamps or diyas, which are placed in front of the deity. The priests then perform a series of rituals, which include the offering of flowers, incense, and sweets to the deity. The priests also perform the abhishekam, which involves the pouring of water, milk, honey, and other sacred substances over the idol of Lord Hanuman.

As the aarti progresses, the priests chant hymns and mantras in praise of Lord Hanuman. Devotees also join in the chanting, and the temple resonates with the sound of the aarti. The aarti concludes with the priests offering camphor to the deity and waving it in front of the idol to symbolize the dispelling of darkness and the victory of light over darkness.

The live aarti at Sarangpur Hanuman Temple is a popular attraction for devotees and visitors from all over the world. The aarti is believed to have a powerful spiritual effect and is said to invoke the blessings of Lord Hanuman. The temple also offers other services to its devotees, such as prasad distribution, yagnas, and other religious rituals.

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