sarangpur hanuman calendar

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sarangpur hanuman calendar

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The Sarangpur Hanuman temple in Gujarat, India, is a popular pilgrimage site for devotees of Hanuman. Many devotees follow a regular calendar of events and festivals at the temple. Here are some important dates and events that are observed at the Sarangpur Hanuman temple:

  1. Hanuman Jayanti: This is the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman and is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Chaitra, which usually falls in March or April. The day is marked with special puja, bhajans, and prasad distribution.
  2. Akshaya Tritiya: This is a holy day for Hindus that falls on the third day after the new moon in the month of Vaishakha, which usually falls in April or May. It is considered an auspicious day for beginning new ventures, buying gold or property, and performing puja.
  3. Purnima: The full moon day of every month is considered auspicious for worshipping Hanuman. Devotees flock to the Sarangpur Hanuman temple on this day to offer their prayers and seek blessings.
  4. Shravan Month: The month of Shravan, which usually falls in July or August, is considered auspicious for Hanuman worship. Devotees observe fasts and perform special pujas during this month.
  5. Navratri: This is a nine-day festival dedicated to the worship of the goddess Durga and is celebrated in the month of Ashwin, which usually falls in September or October. Many devotees of Hanuman also observe this festival and perform special pujas.
  6. Diwali: This is the festival of lights and is celebrated in the month of Kartik, which usually falls in October or November. The day is marked with the lighting of diyas (lamps), bursting of crackers, and the exchange of sweets and gifts.
  7. Hanuman Jayanti (second): This is another day of celebration dedicated to Hanuman, which falls on the new moon day of the Hindu month of Kartik, which usually falls in October or November. The day is marked with special puja and prasad distribution.

In addition to these festivals, the Sarangpur Hanuman temple also observes special occasions such as the anniversary of the temple’s construction and the installation of new idols. Devotees can obtain the temple’s calendar of events from the temple’s administration or website. The calendar may also include information on the temple’s daily rituals, timings, and special events. It is advisable to check the calendar regularly for updates and changes.

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