ahmedabad to sarangpur hanuman by car

By admin Mar 11, 2023

ahmedabad to sarangpur hanuman by car

ahmedabad to sarangpur hanuman botad by car

If you’re looking to travel from Ahmedabad to Sarangpur Hanuman by car, the distance between the two places is approximately 170 km and it should take you around 3-4 hours to reach your destination, depending on the traffic conditions.

Here are the directions you can follow to get there:

  1. Head east on the NH 48/Ahmedabad – Vadodara Expressway and continue for approximately 20 km.
  2. Take the exit toward Viramgam/Maliya Hatina/Amreli/Surendranagar from the NH 48/Ahmedabad – Vadodara Expressway.
  3. Merge onto the SH 17 and continue for approximately 90 km.
  4. Turn right onto the SH 22 and continue for approximately 10 km.
  5. Turn left onto the SH 16 and continue for approximately 30 km.
  6. Turn right onto the SH 188 and continue for approximately 10 km.
  7. Turn left and you will reach your destination, Sarangpur Hanuman.

Please note that these directions are approximate and may vary depending on the exact starting location and the current traffic conditions. It’s always a good idea to check the route beforehand and keep a GPS or map handy during the journey.

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